AMIGOS is a leader in international youth development, creating a world in which young people realize their full potential as leaders and global citizens. We provide extraordinary opportunities for youth to design and lead projects in collaboration with US and Latin American peers and partner organizations across the Americas. Our strong partner network, built over 50 years, enables authentic engagements in communities across the region.

The AMIGOS Washington, DC Chapter recruits, trains, and supports AMIGOS participants and their families from the Washington, DC metropolitan area, including DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Our chapter accepts participants October through November of the fall prior to each summer experience. During the months of December through May, Washington, DC participants will take part in local training and fundraising events as they prepare for their AMIGOS experience.


The Washington DC Chapter is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 Program! Apply now!


The cost of supporting an AMIGOS participant is significant. The Washington, DC Chapter covers these costs through a combination of product sales and a letter-writing campaign and a family fee contribution. We chose these activities to maximize our ability to provide the AMIGOS experience to all participants without regard to family financial circumstances. All participants are required to fully take part in each fundraising activity as fundraising skills are an important component of AMIGOS training program and raise awareness of AMIGOS programs in the community.

Family Fee

The Family Fee to participate in AMIGOS is $4,250, which may be reduced through need-based financial aid. Furthermore, if a participant applies, is interviewed and accepted by the Washington, DC November 19th application deadline, there is a discounted Early Family Fee of $3,900. Participants are also required to take part in three group fundraising activities to cover the remaining costs of the program, but the first only applies to early applicants.

Program cost includes: seven months of training and training supplies in the United States; domestic travel associated with traveling to and from AMIGOS summer program; international airline tickets; in-country training, room and board; in-country transportation; supplemental medical insurance; all in-country project supplies, and other administrative costs associated with the program.

Program cost does not include: the $50 application fee; a physical exam by the participant’s doctor; any required immunizations; any passport fees if the participant does not have a current passport; a mosquito net; 200 postage stamps for letter writing fundraising; or the cost of any incidentals the participant chooses to purchase while in Latin America. Participants are responsible for paying visa or entry fees up to $50.00. If the visa or entry fee exceeds $50.00, the Washington DC Chapter will cover the additional costs. The program cost also excludes any fees for additional training if the participant misses 12 or more hours of Chapter training, as per the Attendance Policy, and all fees connected with a premature return from Latin America.

**Please note, participants who are returning for an additional summer can receive a discount of up to $1,000.**

The Washington DC Chapter Board is committed to keeping program costs as low as possible; however, the entire program cost is ultimately the responsibility of the participant and his or her family.

Every year, AMIGOS DC participants sell citrus fruit, coffee and nuts (provided by the chapter) to their families, friends, parents’ colleagues, and more. These sales are popular, with many previous buyers asking the chapter each year if they can buy some more. Some participants even get asked about the product sales after they come back from their summer with AMIGOS. Participants receive considerable help with regard to sales strategies, and the experience gained in this effort will definitely build important skills!

You may also purchase citrus fruit for donating to a local food bank. Learn more about donating to food banks here.


Each participant is required to send out 100 letters to friends and family, to request individual tax-deductible donations (the revenue from this effort is pooled). Letters are written by the participant with considerable help provided by the chapter during the process. Collectively, the DC Chapter typically experiences a very high response rate to these letters.

Financials At a Glance:

  • Family Fee: $4,500 (payment plan options available)
    • If a participant applies, is interviewed and accepted by the Washington, DC November 19th application deadline, there is a discounted Early Family Fee of $3,900
  • Chapter Application Fee: $50
  • Group Fundraising:
    • Product Sales: Citrus fruit, coffee and nuts (only applicable to early applicants)
    • Letter Writing/Donor Contacts: 100 letters to friends and family
    • Group fundraising activity participation required


  • Chapter training materials and workshops
  • Round-Trip International Airfare
  • Secondary short-term international medical insurance
  • Program excursions and trainings
  • Food, lodging, and transportation in Latin America
  • Supplies for community project and extracurricular activities
  • 24-hour emergency support system


  • Immunizations and pre-travel medical examinations
  • Passport/visa fees

Contact Us:

  • treasurer@amigos-dc.org


AMIGOS actively recruits and supports inclusion of participants from diverse backgrounds. AMIGOS provides needs-based financial assistance with distribution determined by family income, number of dependents and special financial circumstances. We provide need-based financial aid to qualified applicants as deductions on the family fee. Financial assistance applications are due on November 19, 2017. Please contact your Chapter Treasurer for additional information.

Financial aid deadline

           November 19


The transformative AMIGOS experience starts before leaving home.

With 50 years of experience preparing young people for travel and service abroad, AMIGOS training offers unparalleled global youth leadership development. Pre-departure training equips participants with the critical thinking, communication skills, and technical knowledge they need to make a meaningful impact across cultures while staying healthy and safe. The Washington, DC Chapter AMIGOS training is youth-led, experiential learning that prepares participants for their AMIGOS experience, builds a community of youth and families with shared values, and develops life-skills to help participants succeed beyond AMIGOS. Training sessions are facilitated by the Training Team and include guests from the community and the Washington, DC Chapter Board of Directors.


The Washington, DC Chapter incorporates service-learning into the AMIGOS training to add depth and first-hand experience to the curriculum. Service‐learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. As part of one of the overnight retreats, participants will work with a local Washington, DC organization that serves the Latino community in the area.

  • Unparalleled leadership development
  • Cross-cultural awareness and understanding
  • Hands-on training for technical aspects of the program
  • Extensive health and safety training
  • Opportunities to practice Spanish
  • Creating a community of young people with shared values
  • One overnight retreat
  • Seven Sunday afternoon training sessions
  • One day-long service learning retreat
  • Online assessments to determine readiness for the summer


Share Your Time and Talent!

The Washington, DC Chapter of AMIGOS is looking for several volunteers to join our Chapter Board of Directors for the 2017-2018 year. We are specifically seeking individuals for various board positions. If interested in contributing to our Board, please email president@amigos-dc.org.

Board of Directors

Amy Mortimer
Tracy Saunders
Frank Tetreault
Bella Cazier
Admissions & Paperwork Coordinator
Michael Rugala
Product Sales Coordinator
Kristen Keuker
Product Sales Coordinator
Sarah Lindsay
Heather Lanigan
Letter Writing Coordinator
Elizabeth Rugula
Recruiting Coordinator
Kathryn Gray
Recruiting Coordinator
Lisa Roney
Parent Coordinator
Laura Canfield
Parent Coordinator
Milt Roney
Summer Communications Coordinator
Medical Director
Jim Ricca
Anna Peare
Training Director (non-voting member)
Katherine Conway
Training Director (non-voting member)